"Music is...!" 

Welcome! My name is Sascha Mans and I am a musician & music teacher. I live and work in Aachen Brand.

My musical career: 

 I am passionate about music since my earliest youth. What started at the tender age of three singing along to David Hasselhoff, Tom Jones, and Prince cassettes on "fantasy English", continued at an adolescent age wildly strumming my electric guitar in room hung with posters of my favorite rock bands and grew to become a passion for music that continues to shape my life to this day. After school I decided to study music. I did this at the Maastricht Conservatory in the Netherlands. In addition to my Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz / Pop Music, my studies not only led to a great broadening of knowledge and new perspectives on music, but above all to many contacts with great musicians with whom I have worked intensively to this day. In addition to creative work in band projects and as a solo artist, I also work with passion as a music teacher. (Detailed information about my work as a music teacher can be found here under lessons)
Recently, I am increasingly involved in adult education. In this context, I develop musical training concepts for employees of social institutions and schools. For example, this year (2016), on request of a non-profit organization, I developed a two-module advanced training seminar on "Body Percussion" and worked in groups of up to 12 people.